Delhi ePass: Apply Online, Status, Registration 

Delhi ePass: Apply Online, Status, Registration: India is struggling with COVID-19 pandemic and its affects, as the number of cases are increasing everyday, along with metropolitan cities rural areas are getting affected with COVID-19. One such metropolitan city is battling with its affects that is the capital of our country Delhi. Delhi is constantly facing a rise in the cases of COVID-19 with shortage of oxygen supply due to this Delhi government decided to impose a lockdown in Delhi. The citizens of Delhi can apply for Delhi E Pass if they need to travel during the lockdown.

Delhi E Pass

An announcement was made to extend the lockdown up to 17th May 2021. And there is a strict lockdown in Delhi as people are not allowed to step out of their homes without any valid reason. Essential items are made available to the public as 100% lockdown in the city is not possible. The Delhi government has introduced an E pass system for those who have to travel in lockdown due to some emergency condition. The Delhi E Pass is a necessary document to travel within the state of interstate as well. You can visit the official website to apply for Delhi Covid 19 E Pass.delhi epass

The government issued some new guidelines to work systematically and as per those guidelines the people who are engaged in the profession of hospital or medical services are allowed to perform their duties without any restrictions. 

What is Delhi ePass and Who are Eligible for applying? 

Delhi Movement e-pass is issued by the Government of Delhi and it allows you to move from one city or state to another city or state for emergency purposes only during the lockdown. This pass can be used within Delhi for emergency reasons. 

And as for the eligibility not everyone can have access to this Delhi e-pass. E-pass is granted to those people who are providing necessary items in the state and they don’t have any official identity card provided by their employers for example grocery stores, fruit stores, transportation of essential services, food delivery services, petrol pumps, print and electronic media, telecom, internet and postal services, chemists and pharmacies, fire stations, municipal services, milk shops and hence all the people belonging to these professions of providing essential services will need Delhi e-pass. 

How to apply for Delhi e Pass?

Any individual who needs to apply for e-pass can apply online as the government has introduced this system of applying for Delhi e-pass online so that all the norms of social distancing are maintained. You can apply for e-pass on the official website, the district level authorities are responsible for granting passes to every individual. The applicant can follow the steps listed below to easily get themselves registered for an e-pass:- 

  1. The first step is to visit the official website
  2. The applicant will need to enter all the necessary information including their name, contact number, district
  3. Then they will have to upload a document that is approved by the government 
  4. After filling all the information, the applicant will have to submit the application form and an e-pass number will be generated
  5. The confirmation message and the epass number will be sent through SMS mode on registered mobile number 

Documents required:- 

  • ID proof
  • Visiting card 
  • Shop license 
  • Business license 

The applicant can successfully get themselves registered by simply following the above mentioned steps. Also, it becomes easier for the police officers to recognise the difference between genuine workers and fake workers. For the woman who are pregnant they don’t require Delhi e-pass as they are under the guidance of a doctor, they can step out of their houses to visit the hospital or clinic for routine checkup’s with medical documents for proof. 

Our country is going through a lot of distress as they are facing huge losses due to the pandemic. It is our responsibility to follow all the guidelines issued by the government as the lockdown is extended in every state of India now but as for Delhi it has some new guidelines. And as per the new guidelines the people who are engaged in the profession related to healthcare can provide their services without any restrictions also a pregnant woman can use required medical facilities. Also, anyone can apply for Delhi e-pass through their mobile screens without having to wait in a line for hours. 

Helpline number 

The government has launched a helpline number that will help the residents of Delhi and they can contact this number if they are in need of essential services. They can also use this number to get the information regarding the e-pass. The helpline number is 1031.

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