Gujarat ePass: Online Application, Status Check

Gujarat ePass: Online Application, Status Check: You can apply for Gujarat Covid 19 E Pass for emergency travel purposes. The government is allowing people in Gujarat to step out of their houses just in case of any emergency or need of essential services like groceries, fruits and milk. The government of Gujarat has decided to issue Gujarat ePass to citizens who need to travel interstate for any emergency. 

Gujarat E Pass

Coronavirus when it actually started in 2019 with some random cases in China no one knew it would be so deadly and cause a lockdown all over the world for about a year. If we take a look at the statistics of COVID-19 cases all over the world after USA, India is one of the hardest hit countries when it comes to COVID-19. The first wave of COVID-19 that actually started in the year 2020, March the country went into a complete lockdown until July, August. While in some states of India lockdown extended. The government decided to ease the lockdown in the year 2021 and as they tried doing so there was a rise in cases in March 2021 and they had to announce a complete lockdown again in the states with high number of cases. Many states in India are fighting this epidemic Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala Gujarat is one of them.Gujarat E Pass

The Government of Gujarat like many states came with the Gujarat E Pass system to help citizens travel within the state of interstate. If you want to apply for the epass, you must check the complete process here.

How to Apply for Gujarat E Pass?

Any individual who wants to apply for the Gujarat Covid 19 E pass can follow the simple steps and if their pass is approved by the government they will be able to use it whenever it is needed:-

  1. The applicant needs to visit the official website and get themselves registered by filling in their mobile number, date of birth and then they need to create a valid password
  2. After you have successfully registered you will have to visit the homepage of the website and click on the option of “request a new service”
  3. When done so a number of options will show the applicant needs to select the lockdown exemption pass option
  4. The applicant will then need to fill details like their Aadhaar card number, address, their email ID and more if the applicant wishes to travel with their own vehicle they will need to give the details of their vehicle including the vehicle number and their driving licence as well
  5. Further, the applicant needs to mention the details of their visit and the reason of applying for an e-pass. The next step is to upload a copy of any identity proof that approved by the government (Aadhar, voters id card, etc)
  6. The application status when authorised by the government a confirmation will be sent to you via SMS or email

How to check the status of Gujarat ePass? 

After a successful registration for applying for an  e-pass it might be difficult for an individual or applicant to know the status of their e-pass the applicant can check its application status update by following these simple steps:- 

  1. The applicant needs to again visit the official website to check the status of their e-pass
  2. After they log in to the website they will be redirected to a new page asking their details of application number and password
  3. After entering their application number the status of their application for e-pass will be available
  4. If their e-pass is approved by the government they can download it or print it according to their use
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