Kerala E Pass Covid 19 Jagratha – Apply Now, Status, Rules

Kerala E Pass Covid 19 Jagratha – Apply Now, Status, Rules: You can apply for Kerala Covid 19 E Pass for emergency travel purposes. The global pandemic that was started by the Covid 19 virus engulfed the whole nation in less than a fortnight. Now as the states that previously recorded extreme infections, have already flattened their curve but the other states are gradually catching them up with new infection records. Kerala is one of them. The government in Kerala has taken an initiative to curb the virus infection rate with the help of technology.

Kerala E Pass 

The Kerala government is implementing the E Pass management system to curb unnecessary movements in the entire state. The Government of Kerala decided to implement the lockdown till 15th of May but owing to large number of increasing infections the state government has extended the lockdown till 23rd May.

In between this period the Kerala Covid 19 E pass can be issued to any individual via online method and it also can be tracked via online method. All kind of inter district and interstate movement will only be allowed with the government issued e pass. Kerala assisted other states during their Covid crisis and now expects mature behavior from the residents of Kerala in order to curb the infections.

Kerala E Pass Details

Name of the e pass Kerala Government e Pass 
Type of the e pass Electronics permission receipt (Soft copy)
Variation of the pass 
  • Ordinary Citizens
  • Business owners
Necessary requirements A PC or Mobile device with proper internet connectivity
Is any kind of money required for application of the e pass? No
Official website

Kerala Covid 19 Jagratha Curfew E pass

The government introduced an E Pass system that will be required to travel inter district and interstate. The online portal named Covid 19 Jagratha is created by the government to issue, maintain and record the E Passes and to conveniently serve the residents of the state. In any case of emergency one have to apply for the e pass and only after getting an E Pass he/she can go outside for any extremely important business.

Kerala E pass

The Kerala e Pass is only valid to move inter district and interstate during the lockdown in case of an emergency situation or if an individual is  an essential front line worker (FLW). This e pass is definitely not for casual travelling and should only be used during emergency and the resident of the state should abide by the rules and regulation associated with the e pass. The e pass is applicable throughout the states including all the rural and urban areas.

Features of the Covid 19 Jagratha

  1. The aim of the e pass system is to duly maintain the registration of the people who are returning in the state.
  2. The system will also manage the care given to the people who are under quarantine and are being observed.
  3. There are different welfare measures taken up by the government like the ‘Community Kitchen ’, free medicine supply, Supply of PDS provisions and many more. Using this system continuous controlling and monitoring would be done.
  4. This system will also assist the government to serve the citizens in getting emergency travel pass and other benefits.
  5. There are also options to report your feedback regarding the system, that can help the government in improving the system.

Kerala Covid 19 Jagratha E Pass

The e pass issued by the government of Kerala can broadly be divided into two categories, they are the following:

  1. Citizens who are travelling inter district or interstate for emergency reasons.
  2. Business owners, who need to travel due to the operation of their businesses which is important during the pandemic.

How to Apply for Kerala E Pass

The residents of the state of Kerala can apply online for the e pass for emergencies, for their daily necessary work and to serve the society. Different NGOs operating in the state, who are serving the residents of the state must also apply for the E Pass using the following simple instructions,

For Citizens

  1. Please visit the official link of the Covid 19 Jagratha in order to start your registration process.
  2. Then please choose the option of ‘Citizen’ from the top horizontal panel.
  3. Now a drop down menu will ask you about the type of event to be registered, you need to click the ‘Event Register’ link.
  4. You need to provide your mobile number where an OTP will be sent in order to verify your number.
  5. After that the webpage will show you a guideline regarding the e pass and then you will be redirected to the application you need to fill.
  6. Please submit correct information in the application for a smooth procedure of application acceptance.
  7. Then finally click on the ‘save’ option. Your application will be awaiting moderation.

For Business Owners

  • If you are an Business owner and you need to move inter district or interstate then please visit the official website for availing the e pass.
  • Then please select the ‘Business Owner’ tab from the top horizontal menu.
  • Then please click on the ‘Visitor Register’ link in order to continue further.
  • After that you will be needed to submit your mobile number for OTP verification.
  • Then the site will you redirect to the application page where you need to fill the necessary information required.
  • Finally after entering all the information, please click on the ‘Save’ button.

After the completion of your application, you will receive an SMS notification in your mobile number mentioned in the application. The notification will contain the application number for future reference and status checking.

How to Check Status of Kerala E Pass?

The government of Kerala is dedicated to verify all the application of the e pass as soon as possible. An individual have to wait for some amount of time in order to get the application accepted. Right after your application is accepted; your application will instantly be issued with an E Pass, to check your application status, please read the following,

  1. First visit the website .
  2. Then from the top horizontal menu choose the ‘Citizen’ option.
  3. Then please click on the ‘Track your Application’ link and the website will   redirect you to the page where you will have to enter details.
  4. After entering your mobile number, application type and the captcha; please click on the ‘Verify’ link.
  5. If your application is approved then you will get the download link with your application number and you can download the E Pass from there.

About Kerala E Pass

The E pass system is started with the aim to curb the spread of the Covid 19 virus that is wrecking havoc in the country from last one month. The state of Kerala is lagging the National curve by around 3 weeks and that’s why it is high time to implement such strict restrictions in order to stop the emerging health crisis. The citizens are expected to follow the rules of the Lock Down sincerely as the Government is trying to do all it can to help the people. 

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