Karnataka E-pass – KSP Clear pass, Corona pass Apply Online, Check Status

You can apply for Karnataka E-pass – KSP Clear pass, Corona pass and Check Status on the official website now. The people who staying in Karnataka and are in an extreme and urgent need to step out of their homes due to some emergency situation can apply for the KSP Clear E-Pass for travel. Having a view at the current situation people are forbidden to step out of their houses. But still people who are in a dire need to get out of their houses what do they do? They can get a KSP clear pass. 

Karnataka E-pass

Last year when the state Government of India had imposed lockdown in various states of India due to a surge in Covid cases, the citizens were prohibited to roam freely. But the government came up with a solution of offering a KSP clear pass for the citizens of Karnataka particularly and who need to get out of their houses due to any emergency or if they are in a need of any essential service during the lockdown.

If you are in an emergency situation and need to travel interstate of interdistrict you can apply for Karnataka Covid Pass on the official web portal www.kspclearpass.mygate.com.KSP Clear Pass

Who can apply for Karnatak E Pass – KSP Clear pass? 

Not every citizen of Karnataka can apply for KSP clear pass. There are some restrictions and conditions under which only some people from the mentioned categories below can apply for Karnataka Corona pass:-

Organisation’s:- If any organisation or company is working for helping the Covid patients they will have to apply for KSP clear pass for themselves as well as for their workers.

Vehicle owners:- For the individuals owning transportation vehicles and are helping with the transportation of essential services will have to apply for KSP clear pass.

Individuals:- As such individuals are not allowed to apply for an e-pass. However they can apply if they have a genuine reason to travel somewhere or they need to travel to any other state for any emergency purposes, they will have to show their KSP e-pass at the border of their state. 

How to apply for KSP clear pass?

People applying for KSP clear pass can follow the steps:-

  1. Firstly, for applying for an online e-pass applicants will have to visit the official website www.kspclearpass.mygate.com/signup 
  2. On the homepage of the official website the applicant will have to sign up using their mobile number
  3. Then they will have to follow all the upcoming steps to successfully apply for the type of pass they wish to opt for
  4. The pass will be linked with the applicants mobile number provided by them, when the pass will be approved by the officials

Important points about Karnataka E Pass 

Before applying for the KSP clear pass the applicant should keep a note of some important pointers listed below:- 

  • A particular duration of time will be mentioned on the pass, according to the mentioned time duration an individual is allowed to stay outside the house
  • When the time period mentioned on the pass expires the pass is considered as an expired pass, in such case the individual has to apply for a new pass if required
  • A unique QR code is mentioned on the pass that will enable the police authorities to confirm that particular KSP Clear pass is authentic or not
  • For any reason if the pass is rejected by the police authorities the individual has to drive back home as they cannot proceed further

KSP Clear Pass Application Rules 

For the people who are applying for Karnataka E Pass will strictly need to follow these rules, the rules vary for individuals based on their categories. 

The rules of individual and corporate sector are mentioned below:- 

Rules for individuals

Any individual who is in a need to step out of their home during the curfew it is mandatory for them to get an e-pass. They will have to visit the official website to apply for the e-pass. If they are planning to travel in their own vehicle to any other state for a genuine reason they will have to upload their Aadhaar number during the application process. The individuals can download the e-pass on their smartphone. They will also have to carry a valid photo identity card along with the e-pass. 

Rules for corporate sector

The number of e-passes need to be issued for each corporate office in a particular area will be decided by the local authorities of that area. The e-pass can be used by the person who has issued it as they are non transferable. Also the applicants need to have a valid identity card provided by their company and also a identity card from the government along with the e-pass. 

The individuals will need an e-pass when they are at ration shops for buying or selling grocery items. Important institutions like banks, financial hubs etc will require an e-pass. The people owning outlets of power generation and distribution of LPG and gas.  Also delivery workforce will require an e-pass while delivering essential items such as food or medicines. 

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