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You can apply for Punjab e Pass Online Registration – eCovidPass Online – www.epasscovid19.pais.net.in here. The situation of Covid in India is getting worse every passing day. The country has announced partial lockdown instead of a complete lockdown at different states according to their situations. Punjab has taken some serious steps regarding the traveling issues. The lockdown has also impacted the Indian Economy in a negative way. Also, many organizations want to continue their work in spite of this situation. This creates a massive problem for the employees as well as the organization as the employees are unwilling to cooperate with their respective organizations due to high Covid risks which in turn affects the reputation of the organization. For these reasons, Punjab is issuing an e Pass for the individuals which acts as a permission slip for travel if required.

Punjab e Pass www.epasscovid19.pais.net.in 

You can generate the Punjab lockdown pass online from the official website of the Punjab Government. Fill the form carefully and the Punjab Covid e-Pass will be sent to your mentioned phone number or email id. You can use this pass in software format also and there is no need to print the Punjab E Pass. Punjab epass

The Punjab Lockdown e-Pass is only applicable to move during the lockdown in case of an emergency situation. Strictly keep in mind, this pass is not used in case of any traveling issues without an emergency situation. As a responsible citizen, please follow the rules and regulations are announced by Punjab Government. Meanwhile, the Government decides to extend the lockdown till 31st May from the earlier date 15th May 2021.

Punjab Lockdown e-Pass Details

Punjab Government issues two types of e Pass for the citizen of Punjab. Type one is only for the local citizens of Punjab for any kind of emergency movement within the state itself. Another type is for individuals who are either workers from different states or need to cross Punjab to visit their hometown or other states. The first type of pass is a lockdown pass for local citizens and the second type pass is known as the E – Registration Pass.

In this article, the detailed description of the passes and the applying procedure are written properly. Please go through the article for more information.

Name of the pass Punjab Lockdown ePass 
Type of the pass Electronics permission receipt
Variation of the pass 
  1. Lockdown Pass (for local citizen, valid within the states)
  2. E – Registration Pass (Transit pass for traveler)
Necessary requirements A smart device with proper network connectivity
Is any kind of money required for the application? No, this process is absolutely free.
Official website  www.epasscovid19.pais.net.in 

Important Guidelines for Punjab Covid e – Pass

  • This e pass is only for those people who are involved in some emergency services like, healthcare, banking, electrical maintenance, transmission and distribution side, delivery of essential items, transportation, any other important sectors, etc. 
  • No other people except the above are allowed to apply for e – pass. This pass is only used for emergency purposes. 
  • Individuals, who are applying for e – pass, make sure that all the valid and proper documents are submitted. If anything goes wrong, then the application will get rejected. 
  • The immigrants or residents who are applying to enter Punjab from various states should have a Covid negative report in hand.
  • If anyone gets vaccinated then the vaccination report is also mandatory. You should travel after two weeks from the date of the vaccination.
  • The documents should be uploaded in JPEG, JPG, or PNG format.
  • The validity of the e pass for the frequent traveler is up to 30 days. 

How to apply for Punjab Lockdown e-Pass?  

If you are a local citizen of Punjab and you need to move within the state for office work or other emergency purposes, you should have an e Lockdown Pass. You can generate this e Pass from the official portal of the Government of Punjab, i.e. www.epasscovid19.pais.net 

  1. First visit the official website of Punjab – Lockdown Pass, i.e. www.epasscovid19.pais.net.in/ 
  2. A webpage will open and you will see two options on the webpage, ‘Lockdown Pass’ and ‘E – Registration’.
  3. Click on the ‘Lockdown Pass’ option. 
  4. Now, enter the details to complete the application form. Mention District name, pass type, category of pass means, if you are a media person, then go for a media pass, etc.
  5. Also select the reason or sub-category of the pass, i.e. for a death case or any medical emergency. 
  6. Enter a valid email address, an active phone number, and also an identity card (Aadhar, Pan, Passport, or Voter Card).
  7. You have to upload a pdf file of any identity proof, your photo, and a pdf document for your visit. 
  8. Mention Vehicle type and Vehicle Number if you travel in your car.
  9. Enter the date of the journey.
  10. Write down the proper reason for this e Pass. Click on the declaration box.
  11. Check all the information mentioned above and click on the ‘Submit Application’ option.  

After completion of the application, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number that is mentioned in the application form. If all the information is true your application gets approved and an electronics Pass (e Pass) will be sent to your mobile number and email address also. You can download the pass or take a printout of it.

Step-by-step procedure of Punjab E -Registration Pass 

This pass is mandatory for individuals who are traveling to Punjab from any other states or are crossing through Punjab to reach their hometown. We all know that Delhi is at a very peak stage of the second wave of Corona Virus and their condition becomes worst day by day. So, Punjab Government issues this pass for the traveler from Delhi to Punjab. The main objective of this step is to protect the citizens of Punjab. If you travel from Delhi you have to go through the screening procedure before entering the state. All the residents from Delhi NCR will be home quarantined for 14 days. 

You have to register yourself on this site and generate an E – Registration Slip which is mandatory to enter into Punjab. 

  • Visit the official site, www.epasscovid19.pais.net.in 
  • Now you have to select the second option, i.e. E – Registration 
  • An e- registration form will appear and you have to fill-up the form with the necessary details.
  • First, select the Travel type mode of travel and vehicle details if you travel in your car.
  • Enter the personal details, i.e. name, identity proof number, mobile number, age, address, etc. 
  • You have to upload the vaccination certificate or negative Covid report. You should have any of that document in hand. 
  • You have to mention origin and destination address details.
  • At last click on the ‘Submit’ option. 

If you are a frequent traveler, then

  • Just tap on the link, www.cova.punjab.gov.in 
  • You have to fill the necessary details and upload your passport size photo.
  • You have to attach the necessary documents.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ option. A confirmation SMS will be sent to the mentioned mobile number instantly. After some time if your request for e-pass is approved, SMS with the e-registration pass will be received that you can use during your journey.   

Standard Guidelines for Lockdown in Punjab 

  • All the shops selling essentials items like food, medicines, drinks will remain open but in a schedule timeline. Medicine shops will remain open 24 hours. 
  • Punjab Government has introduced this e Pass only for the emergency purpose means, who are involved in providing essential services or who have any medical emergency etc. Apart from this no one can apply for the e Pass.
  • Schools and Education centers are requested to allow only 50% teaching staffs to maintain the office works. 
  • If anyone breaks the rules then he/she will have to face the serious consequences.    
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