Tamil Nadu e Pass – Covid Lockdown Pass Apply Now, Check Status

You can apply for Tamil Nadu e Pass – Covid Lockdown Pass, Check Status on the official website eregister.tnega.org. The second Wave of the Pandemic hit the country really hard. With increasing infection rates, all the state governments are taking their initiative to curb the infection. The state governments are using all kind of resources that is available to them in order to implement the order of partial and full lockdown in the respective states. The Government of Tamilnadu have already ordered and set up a system of generating the TN e pass. All citizens who may have emergencies and various Front Line Workers like health, railway, and power are given this e pass to assist the police and the local authority to identify them and help them accordingly.

Tamil Nadu E Pass 

The government is implementing the E Pass system in the entire state. The Government of Tamilnadu decided to implement the lockdown for 2 weeks from the date of 10th May. In this period e pass can be issued to any person, which will have a validity of 24 hours for inter-district travel. The rule of the pass will come into effect from 17th May, 06:00 am. All kinds of inter-district and interstate movement will only be allowed with the e pass. The capital Chennai is also under complete lockdown with 24×7 police vigilance and without the e pass no one can travel.

Name of the e pass Tamilnadu Government e Pass 
Type of the e pass Electronics permission receipt (Soft copy)
Variation of the pass 
  • Lockdown Pass (for local citizen, valid within the states)
  • E – Registration Pass (Transit pass for traveler)
Necessary requirements A device with proper internet connectivity
Is any kind of money required for application of the e pass? No
Official website  eregister.tnega.org

TN Covid E Pass 

The use of Technology have already been used to locate the Covid positive patients and for contact tracing. Now to ensure that peoples with only emergency reasons are going out from their homes the concept of E Pass has been introduced. The pass is only for emergency and esstentail services puropose and no other kind of commute is allowed. TN epass

Tamil Nadu is the state with the highest literacy rate thus the citizens are also cooperating with the government to bring down the number of positive cases. You need to apply for the Tamil Nadu E Pass if you want to commute within Tamil Nadu state during the Covid lockdown period.

Rules, Regulation & Guidelines for the E Pass

  • The E pass is only applicable for the persons involved in essential services or he/she is a Front Line Worker like, healthcare, banking, electrical maintenance, transmission and distribution side, power sector, delivery of essential items like food and medicines, transportation, any other important sectors, etc. 
  • While applying for the E Pass, please make sure that you are applying with proper documents otherwise the e pass application may get rejected.
  • The individuals who are returning to Tamilnadu from other states or from other countries has to provide a negative RT-PCR report for covid-19.
  • If any person is vaccinated during this period then he/she is only allowed to travel after 14 days of vaccination.
  • A person with a valid e pass must always carry an ID card otherwise the e pass will not be accepted by the police or the concerned authority.
  • If any kind of false information is submitted while applying for the e pass then one might get into legal trouble.

Documents Required for Apply for the TN E Pass

The necessary documents that is needed to apply for the e pass is given below,

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Any other Govt. Identity Card like Voter ID, Passport, Driving License.
  3. Documents to establish the necessity of your travel.
  4. Passport size photograph.

Eligibility for Tamil Nadu Covid Pass?

People dealing with the following conditions are eligible to apply for the pass.

  1. The individuals responsible for essential services like Police, Bank employees Health workers, Power sector employees, and other Front Line Workers.
  2. All the people on Government duty.
  3. Patients with a health condition that requires medical attention.
  4. Emergency hospitalization or death cases.
  5. Any NGO or other volunteer organization which is serving society in these dire times.

How to Apply for Tamil Nadu Lockdown E Pass?

The residents of the state of Tamilnadu can apply for the e pass for emergencies and to serve the society. Different NGOs who are serving the community should also apply for the E Pass using the following instructions,

  1. Please visit the official website of the E Pass System of the Government of Tamil Nadu that is eregister.tnega.org/#/user/pass .
  2. Then please select the ‘other’ option in the left if you are travelling interstate or inter district and if you are coming from foreign than please select the left tab.
  3. Then you will be redirected to the page of TN e registration where you have to enter your mobile number and the captcha in the necessary textbox.
  4. An OTP will be send to you which you have to enter in the required text box to verify your mobile number.
  5. After the verification you have to choose the type of E Pass and a form will appear which you need to fill correctly.
  6. Then Submit the form and wait for some time as it will be verified by the competent authority. It may take some time so you are advised to visit the website regularly to check your application’s status.

After completing the e pass application, a confirmation SMS with an application number will be sent to your mobile number that is mentioned during the registration. If all the data is correct and according to the norms then your e pass will be accepted and an electronic pass will be send to you shortly. You have to download the e pass in order to show it to the authorities if needed. There is no requirement of printing the e pass.

How to Check TN E Pass Status?

The government is trying hard to verify all the applications of the TN Covid E pass as quickly as possible. But still, it may take some time before your e pass application is accepted and your epass is alloted to you. The following steps will assist you to check the status of your E Pass.

  1. Please visit the website you visited to register yourself while applying for the e pass i.e. eregister.tnega.org/#/user/pass .
  2. Verify your mobile number with the captcha and the OTP sent to your mobile.
  3. Then you will be redirected to the page with many application numbers for e passes.
  4. Please find your application number that was sent to your mobile while applying and check its status by clicking on it.
  5. If your application is indeed accepted then you can download the e pass from the link given in the web page.


The sole purpose of the E Pass is to ensure only emergency and necessary travel is allowed in the state. This strategy will surely be helpful to curb the Covid-19 Pandemic situation in the state. Various other states are also implementing the same strategy. The lockdown will continue till 24th of May until further order and this e pass system is valid till then. Both the lockdown and the E Pass system can be extended by the state government if deemed necessary.

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